Rabbi Date is a semi-dried date fruit which can be kept in normal temperature of room !the date is available in relative sizes , attractive black color and soft texture. There is another kind of Rabbi Date Which is smaller, more dry and is so hard! Rabbi Date fruit is one of the most important productions of Sistan and Baluchestan province. After Stamaran,Shahani,Mazafati and Kabkab ,Rabbi Dates fruit has the most economic value in Iran ! Iranshahr and Zabol has high quality Rabbi date and in the Chahbahar and Saravan its quality is good!

Rabbi Date due to the natural nutritious substances has high nutritious value. The vital substances of this fruit are Lactose and Fructose which are rich source of natural sugar and is not harmful for those who are suffered from high blood sugar. Iranian Rabbi Dates fruit is an appetizer which prevent from cancer of digestive system , improve gastrointestinal function , helps to relieve nervous tensions and treatments of diseases such as Anemia and high fat level.
Remember, if you take too much date, the date fruit due to excessive sugar content which mostly includes simple sugars will cause to weight-gain. Latest provided research has shown dates due to being classified in fruits group includes all benefits of vegetables and fruits ,moreover, its trace amount of fat has resulted to be considered as a low-fat nutritious food!
Annually wide range of Rabbi Date is cultivated in Saravan city which in addition to consumption in the internal markets of country are export to Central Asia , India and Pakistan.
In the international and export markets ,Rabbi Date is known as a semi-dried date fruit which has notable economic benefits for palm owners .Cultivated dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province due to its high quality are known as pure gold .Researchers has declared cultivated Rabbi Date in Sistan and Baluchestan province are really unique in the world .Growing and cultivation of Rabbi Date fruit due to the growing capabilities and resistance against low irrigation play an important role in agriculture industry of Iran!
Only Productions of 76 palm trees of the total existing palm trees in Saravan city can be harvest which among the different kinds of dates ,Rabbi date fruit because of economic and nutritious values is known as the best dates fruits in the province!
Packaging processes of Iranian Rabbi date fruit are accomplished by modern technologies and equipped machines ,experienced experts and observing health tips which finally would be kept in equipped cold storage buildings during the 4 seasons of the year.


We pack the products as you request but normally we pack the Dates as following:

 Dates in Bulk: 10-12 kg carton boxes/



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