Mazafati or Mozafati dates is a famous type of Iranian Date which is also called as “Rotab” has an attractive black color and moisture between 15% to 35% and a size from 2.5 to 4.5 cm.
It is considered the most important type of economical dates. Mazafati is full of vitamin B and can provide needed daily energy.  
The most desirable and delicious kind of Mazafati Date is grown in southern Iranian city of Bam which has a succulent flesh and soft texture.
This Iranian date is soft and is popular in European countries because of its black color.  The harvest time of Mazafati is at middle of August.


We pack the products as you request but normally we pack the Dates as following:

1.Dates in Bulk: 5 or  kg carton boxes

2.Dates in retail Pack: 8 cartons of 650 gr in each mother carton.


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